Sunday, February 14, 2016

Broadband Incident Report : : NEWBURGH MUX 101 : LOSS OF SERVICE (CI) : Reference 7909 : Issue 2 :

Incident Manager - Automatic Mailer.

  BT Wholesale - Broadband Incident Report  
  Please read the following incident report as it could have an impact on some of your end users  
  BT Incident Reference: 7909   Issue : 2  
  Detected Date: 14/02/2016   Detected Time: 00:05  
  Start Date: 14/02/2016   Start Time: 00:01  
  Anticipated Clear Date: 14/02/2016   Anticipated Clear Time: 02:01  
  Next Update Date: 14/02/2016   Next Update Time: 01:05  
  Incident Headline: : NEWBURGH MUX 101 : LOSS OF SERVICE (CI)  
  Incident Details: At the moment some of your Broadband End Users may be experiencing a loss of Broadband service.
FOR A FULL LIST OF affected circuits, please LOG INTO BBCR, navigate TO THE MSO Fault Search report AND enter THE MSO reference NUMBER above.
  Progress Details: Customer impact: Loss of internet services for {54} Broadband customers.

Current Situation: Completing initial diagnostics. Root cause and estimated time of repair are not known at present.
  Dialling Codes Affected:

This message concerns an on-going incident. We have tried to make sure that the information is accurate at the time of publication but it may quickly become out of date as the incident progresses. You may use the information only to advise your customers of the progress of the incident. You must not re-publish the information in any form except as a service update on your customer website.

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